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About Dean

Dean Andre   Born and raised on a Dairy Farm in Northern Wisconsin, Dean has made it his mission in life to accomplish the impossible.  It's a long trip from milking cows to pulling off the Hoax of the century, "Space Cadets", a BBC production that placed the responsibility of all sound design for the 20 Million Dollar project in Dean's hands.  Through the use of his unique creativity and a newly patented sound process, Ambient Sound Enhancement, (ASE), Dean along with Brick Price of Wonderworks, Inc. accomplished the impossible...Making 3 unsuspecting reality show contestants actually believe that they were launched into space aboard a Russian made Space Shuttle.  Miraculous! 

Projects in Pre-Production/Development:  "Space Camp:  One World, One Mission", and "America's Off Road Challenge".

So, from composing and producing Music for over 450 Television Episodes, 60+ films and countless commercials and records to Producing film and Television, Dean is truly a World Class Entertainment entity.

Visit this site for future updates of Video, Music and Sound Design samples.

In the mean time...sit back and enjoy episode #6 of the BBC-4 presentation of "Space Cadets."

Space Cadets Part 1

Space Cadets Part 2

Space Cadets Part 3

Space Cadets Part 4

Space Cadets Part 5